Saturday, May 29, 2010

I feel better today! I got a chance to speak on skype to Jody,,,,which doesnt happen often...and shes decided i have a potty mouth (like no chit!)

Anyway went to city...stopped at mcdonalds for my saturday morning treat of a sausage mcmuffin and a oj. Then before going to the gym i dropped into city chic....i saw the most gorgeous outfit...was grey jeans,,,,with this baby pink singlet top with a lace over top...was sooooooooo pretty! On June 26 i have a reunion to go too...its for the old club me and my friends use to hang we are planning dinner and then to go to the "old lion" so i think i mite buy that outfit for that...and a extra pair of jeans never goes astray,,,,and knowing im buying clothes is a great incentive to get my ass into gear ;)

Went to the gym....did 15 minutes on the xtrainer and 30 minutes of weights and burnt 530 calories =] I then went to the markets i bought some organic chicken meats and stopped for some fruit and vegies and then came home, altho while i was out i got some "arnica cream" it is suppose to help with scar tissue injuries and i am willing to try anything on this foot so fingers crossed...i also bought new inner soles.

I also picked up the Wii game "just dance" OMG so brilliant! I did it for 28 minutes earlier and burnt 305 ive burnt 835 calories today....not a damn bad effort.

Today is my high calorie today and so in a few minutes i am nicking over to the italian place to pick up tonites dinner...yum yum.

Okies have a good day all

Todays food

sausage mcmuffin & oj
freddo frog
premium protein ball
Bread Roll with porchetta and swiss cheese
pasta amatriciana
banana with 100 grams icecream

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