Friday, May 28, 2010

Well friday nite...TOM arrived...and i ate crappy tonite...and well...enuff is enuff....

I need to get that focus back on the gym. Yes its winter...and yes id prefer to go home to the warmth of my lil house at nite...but i really need to focus on the gym. Its always the gym that keeps me focussed...Being sick early this week plus having a weekend where i was out constantly out and about....while being out and about i get is throws me off! I dont eat a lot of processed foods...going out where there is cheese and crackers...dinners at restuarants with entrees and rich foods (which i dont even really like!) I need to restrict nites out of eating to once a week...i know ive said this a million times but i need to get over my being scared of classes. Body pump i can handle...but the classes arent at great times and fiona wants me doing them twice a week as a max. But i need to start to do a few classes. Looking at the timetable and some of this will be dependant on PT times...

sat : PT weights + body balance
sunday : day off
monday : PT core + either boxing class or bodyjam class
tuesday : body pump
wednesday : physio
thursday : PT boxing with either pilates or RPM
friday : 30 minutes cross trainer + 10 minutes treadmill (wee!) + 15 minutes bike + 5 minutes rower

I think i will start to list my food on a daily post at nite...also go back to tracking on calorie king. So the aim is gym and stick to my calories. Tomorrow between PT and body balance i am gonna nick down to katies cos they have 50% off EVERYTHING!!! Then after gym im gonna go down the markets...ive never wandered around their much i wanna see what they have especially in the way of organic meat (fiona was telling me how much nicer she finds organic meat so i will see what i can find!) Sunday arvo i will prolly go down to the gardening store and buy some herb i can get the edible garden going again!

So i feel better now ive put a plan of action down for time to follow it!

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