Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well ive been feeling very blah today! I moaned all day about not wanting to go to the gym...but of course i did. Fiona musta figured tho that i was feeling chitty about all this weight loss stuff...after doing boxing with her and whilst saying bye...fiona goes whats for dinner tonite? im like ummm i dunno? something bad? LOL...anyway she was like...stirfry im so friggin obedient i did have a stir fry...rather impressed with myself...had beef ... spinach ...onion ...mushies ... with some soy sauce and honey .... yum yum!!!

When i was leaving the gym tonite...i noticed they had a sheet for expressions of interest for a running/walking training program for the city to i put my name down...of course its dependent on my bloody foot...i would LOVE to do this... i freakin hate how much my blasted foot holds me back...hopefully this resting from the treadmill combined with the physio helps tho.

We get our bonus next pay day YAY which means bed shopping!I need a new bed...mattress...chest of also planning to finally go buy a strapless bra or two as well as a good sports bra or two.

I watched the biggest loser US finale tonite...i have to say...ashley may not have been at goal yet but she looked the best and i love LOVE loved her dress...mite have to try and find a pic of it and post it at some stage.

Okies this princess needs to watch my medium and go to sleep....friday tomorrow!

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Mad Woman said...

Hahaha I love that you did as you were told and had a stir fry. So awesome.