Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well time for confession! Since last thursday things have been a disaster. With all the eating out on the weekend, gastro on monday and barely eating...then getting my appetite back and eating like there is no tomorrow...combined with frustration over how long this whole bloody journey has and will take (and yeh yeh i know its all worth it in the end no one comment on that...ive been at this for nearly 4 years i am allowed to get friggin frustrated by it if i want) frustrated that i cant use the treadmill...just frustrated full stop.

As i have started to feel better today i have then found me feeling very sorry for myself and not going near my scales! LOL

But its time to get onto things again...will weigh in tomorrow...and to kick off things i am gonna do 1400 calories for a week with no high or low calorie days...then reassess things after a week. Back to my water. And hopefully back to getting back on track (i am PMSing and pretty sure ill get my cycle tomorrow)

Anyway there you have it...just needed to get it out there...time for some tv and a early nite before getting back into this tomorrow!


Tania said...

Kazz, i'm out of the loop a bit with blogs and facebook atm but noticed your post on facebook so decided to check your blog out! Well done on pulling in the reigns and getting back on track - I think that's a huge sign of how far you've come! I don't think you get to be seriously overweight without having some issues with food, the fact that you recognise them and can control them is half the victory one! By jumping on the scales tomorrow you face the gain, move on and just watch those numbers drop in that first week! You've got a lot to be proud of - will have to catch up soon.

GaeChann said...

Hello Kazz! I don't blame you for feeling frustrated at the moment! Four years is a long time to be concentrating on your weight-loss journey!

I've been at it for just 11 months and I sometimes feel a bit like that too!

You made a comment about the Wendie Plan on a message board today so I checked it out and wondered whether or not I might try it next week!

I must admit, I've tried most things trying to speed up my weight-loss a bit! I guess, whilst the numbers are coming down, I should be content with that!

Chin up Kazz! You are such an inspiration for so many - one of my heros!

Gae oxoxox