Monday, May 24, 2010

Well the weekend is over. I didnt really realise till last nite what a impact seeing my aunts has had on me...more so then my cousin...somethings about it are wonderful (most in fact) but there are somethings that make me sad...not things I am ready to put into words yet...but it certainly makes me feel sad for some of the things I have lost in my life. After getting quite emotional and think back about lots of different things i got quite upset last nite and bright and early this morning (like 4.20am) i have woken with not only a headache but also gastro UGH plus I know my eating wasnt great over the weekend...its led me to be a bit down on myself...I will be fine and pick myself up...but life truly sucks sometimes lol...buts its just part of the highs and lows of this journey. And its more about reflecting on those positive steps I need to take to put me first above all else.

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Katali said...

It might be the indian, if you aren't used to the spices and cuisine. Hope you feel better soon!