Sunday, May 23, 2010 kinda glad I am going back to work tomorrow! The last 3 days has been so full on...and I need my routine back.

Last nite at the bbq was lovely...i had worked out my calories (was a high calorie day) and even with accounting for a piece of pavlova when i left for the bbq i have 350 calories to spare (thankfully) as when we arrived they had crackers and camembert cheese out! I had about 4 or 5 crackers with cheese so think i hit the 350 calories lol. But i took my own chicken i marinated (in low salt soy sauce, pure honey and sesame seeds) and i also marinated capsicum pieces and eggplant in olive oil, garlic and basil...and my cousins hubby cooked them on the bbq for me. They had lots of yummy food there...roast beef, sausages (drool), marinated chicken pieces...potato bake...but i stuck with my food and came home i would say spot on calories.

There were photos taken so when they are posted on facebook i will update here.

Today i went to a organic cafe to meet Jaimee for lunch...was so good seeing her...hadnt seen her since January so a catch up was WAY over due! She actually asked me if I am going to make my journal into a book answer to that was noooooooooooooo but I have thought for a bit about doing a website...with "topics" that i have written on aimed at people with 50 plus kilos to lose...basically it would just be my view/perception on things. What i am starting to realise ive kinda come up with my own program! LOL the only rules i follow are mine :) One thing about me is i am a huge researcher...whether its on the net or brain these days really does have a lot of info in relation to weight loss...and i keep thinking about how US biggest loser always instills "pay it forward"

I have just sent off some before and current pics for the testimonial thingy for the gym! Exciting!

What Gae commented on the other day on one of my comments about artificial sweeteners and ww is so true. My thoughts on WW arent all positive...and part of it is i think...not only do ww products make them money it also helps to assist in the constant cycle of weight loss members returning thus making them more money. What I mean by easy to lose 20-30 kilos eating those foods...but our bodies get to a point where it cant keep giving you loses while shoving CHEMICALS (and yes thats what artificial sweeteners etc are) down your throat. So people buy their products...lose 20 kilos....give up...gain some or all or more weight back...then they rejoin ww...quite the lucrative business they got going there eh? I am perdantic towards my food these days...the next thing i am cutting back on is canned tuna! LOL yes truly...75% of the nutrients are lost in the processing and kept i am gonna start buying tuna steaks and cooking them and having them that way. Then basically the only other canned food i eat is apples and tomatoes...and i dont have either often...they are really emergency foods.

I just ordered a new book called "the kind diet" its basically about vegetarian/vegan eating ... whilst im not about to become either i always seem to get something out of reading all these different books...its actually by Alicia Silverstone...Fiona has just recieved the book "The Paleo Diet" which she is gonna lend me...I think she loves how much I love reading and researching all this stuff...I always liked biology at school (wanted to be a nurse when young). Fiona said the other day...between you and me we are building some nurtition library! lol

Okies i am sure i have sat here for so long my dinner is off i go!

BTW day 5 of no diet soft drink...go me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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