Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well yesterday was a fabulous day! I did over eat but I think it was worth the small slip up :)

Last nite for dinner I had garlic Naan Bread with butter chicken (which came with rice and some yoghurt sauce) I have heard people RAVE about butter chicken...cant say i was overly impressed with it...altho the rice and naan bread was yummi ! lol Add to that a hot chocolate and i did pull in prolly 2200 calories...which is around what I eat on my high calorie day (which is today...but yanno how often do you have a family reunion after 28 bloomin years????)

Catching up with my 2 aunties and cousin and her hubby and second cousins was fabulous. I dont have many people in my life who knew me as a kid...(before i was 15)just before i turned 15 my dad died and my mum cut his family out of our we moved interstate. It was fabulous talking to people about things they remembered from me as a child. Altho i did get told in the face i look exactly the same! lol...which considering i thought i was pretty and healthy looking as a child that was a nice bonus :)

Today mum, my sister and mums hubby and mums mother in law were going out for lunch...i declined that offer,...tonight we are off to a bbq at my cousins house...and to meet alice the cat! lol who my second cousin (11 years old) told me all about including showing me photos from her phone of alice lol Anyway...i am marinating some chicken to take with me, and am also gonna marinate some eggplant and capsicum to put on the bbq for me too. My sister and i are also taking a pavlova up there yum yum!! And i will have one piece... I havent had pavlova in like forever so I am looking forward to that. I am hoping i will come a few hundred calories under today to make up for some of yesterday ;)

My no diet coke thing is going good too! I last had it on tuesday day 4 today (god i sound like a friggin smoker! lol) Last nite while at dinner i had a sparkling mineral water which i i have bought a bottle to take to the bbq tonite.

Yesterday arvo me and my sister went shopping...and i bought a new book..."beautiful malice" i certainly am not short of reading material these days...but gonna start with "the girl with the dragon tattoo" and i wanna order "the kind diet" this week lol...i am really gonna start having a library of health and fitness books soon :)

Okies off i go...have a fab weekend all :)

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