Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well its been a few days between posts...normally that means I am off track...I havent been off track but the scales have been playing with my head a bit...they have been fluctuating like gawd knows what! So basically at the moment each morning i weigh in i am varying anywhere between 119.5 and 120.5.

So yes i have been worrying and obsessing over this as is the way with me! This morning tho (after checking out weight loss surgery sites admittedly!) i got out jillians book....and reworked my calories out based on burning 450 calories a day or 3100 for a week. That works out to 1540 calories to eat per day. I started to think back and HONESTLY think back...i havent focused on how many calories i have burnt per day (and lets face it for my plan this is integral!)...i have stopped focussing on having a variety of foods and instead was doing what was quick and easy and having the same thing most days...i was not cooking much...i was not enjoying the gym...and i am STILL drinking a lot of diet soft drink and not much water (that said ive never drunk much water and yet i have managed to lose 50 kilos so go figure!)

So i have my new calories to eat...and a daily and weekly aim for calories to burn. I then went to the gym...did 30 minutes on the cross trainer...then fiona came and got me for a double PT session...i told her...basically if i am gonna come to the gym 4 times a week i really need to not leave the gym till i have hit 800 calories burnt. I think when i first told her she was thinking "whatever karyn" lol but then when i explained my thinking...and that walking in my area as its hilly just isnt doable at the moment...she came to the party and seemed to agree...and all session she was like "have we hit your target yet?" lol. I then told her i had been looking at weight loss surgery sites...bit of a discussion on this...and then she said something that really struck with me "when you start to enjoy your journey the weight will fall" at first i looked at her like she was speaking another language...and then she pointed out....when you were all into it early in the year you were loving the gym...experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying the journey your weight was falling off. I know too well that stress increases your cortisol levels which stop weight this whole getting into a funk over stuff is doing me no favours. As well as that varietyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Not just with my dinners...but my snacks...breakfast...the thats gonna be a big focus!

Was kinda funny when i was talking to fiona and im saying...oh so i need to hit 800 calories burnt per session...and shes like and what if your foot starts playing up? im like...ignore she was like right! lol

The other thing we discussed is a minimum of 1 day at least between weights sessions. So really tuesday nite body pump...and saturday doing fionas weights...she said i could do body pump up to two times a week but no more but she wants to make sure im resting between.

The other thing we discussed was in boxing that the focus is going to be more on me doing more "power" punches. Normally fiona has me run a lot in boxing but with my foot at the moment thats out of question...specially while the treatments are going on and they are stirring up all that scar tissue.

In relation to the diet soft drink...gonna cut that back to a soft drink at lunch and one at dinner...and hopefully over time i will cut it back to one at dinner. I dont think its the worst thing in the world that i have it seeing its about the only thing i have that has artificial sweeteners in i avoid them like the plague! lol but i have read some articles on how your taste buds detect a sweet taste so your insulin spikes...then doesnt know what to it can lead to issues with fat burning...and thats really the only reason im gonna cut back on it.

So i feel better...i know where im headed and what i need to do...and now its time to relax and stop stressing!

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GaeChann said...

Good to see that you're so focused again!

I agree with stress inhibiting our weight loss! I think it even happened to me this morning when I spent 2.5 hours trying to make someone at the ATO take my details!

My weight when I got up showed at 86.4kg but by the time I got to WI it had jumped to 87.2kg - WTF!

Anyway, onwards and downwards for both of us!

Best wishes - Gae oxoxxo