Friday, May 14, 2010

Well i relaxed yesterday arvo...watched the latest episode of the US biggest loser and watched a couple of episodes of greys anatomy. I had about 550 calories left for dinner and as per normal for thursday nite it was takeaway...but since i am trying to break my routine of eating same thing all the time i decided not on a yiros and had a plain hamburger with cheese...529 calories...and for the entire day only one can of diet coke. Woke up this morning to the scales sitting back at 119.5 kilos....fingers crossed this continues! And today im still focusing on the variety..the cafeteria at work have chicken and golden mushroom soup today so i am gonna have that and a dinner roll...which i am figuring is about 340 calories (packet soups of creamy chicken and msuhroom are only 98 calories but this will be homemade) and tonite gonna make baked barramundi with marinated grilled eggplant and capsicum yumyum!!!!

I did register for the rspca walk for sunday but i have no one to do it with...left myself to late to organise it with anyone i guess :( ill do the 5km tho and hopefully my foot hacks it okay.

Weigh in tomorrow...fingers crossed for a loss...even 100 grams i would be happy with! lol

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GaeChann said...

You're doing well mixing up your menu Kazz!

Best wishes for weigh-in tomorrow!

Gae oxoxox