Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well i had a lost :) YAY lost 300 am now down to 119.2 kilos and total loss of 51.7 kilos.

Last night i had my baked barramundi and i made one of jillians recipes - cheesy and spicy pumpkin seeds...omg yummy!

I am keeping the variety up...roast turkey, avocado, baby spinach leaves and tomato sandwich for lunch...weetbix for my afternoon snack (dont ask! lol) and pasta carbonara for dinner (yay for high calorie days ;))

So things are good today...I really think the key has been not stressing and the variety in my food...tuesday I will be seeing eve (my nutritionist) and she will measure me...will be interesting to see what the measurements will be when in reality ive only really lost 100 grams over the last 2 weeks.

have a good day all :)

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