Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another day off today (hard life eh? lol)... have no fear tho I am working tomorrow before another 3 days off lol

The scales shifted down AGAIN today. And then fiona sent me some links on the diet soft drink saga and she was telling me she spoke to one of the nutritionists at the gym about it...and the nutritionist told fiona that she tells her clients drink FAT COKE occassionally but completely skip the diet coke. Cutting back on it and increasing the water has definitely helped on the scales. One of the links fiona sent me mentioned a pile of symptoms that the artificial sweeteners have been found to be linked too...depression and dizzy spells. I get both...coincidence? possibly...but the fact of the matter is with my diet coke i am putting chemicals into my body. So I have about 19 cans of diet coke in the house...once they are gone...thats it. Its a new way of thinking...cos lets face it water is boring and in the evening i like a nice drink with my whether i add cordial to my water or a glass of flavoured milk...i will need to find something that is no artificial sweeteners. And then thats more low fat foods (not that i eat low fat foods anymore) its a bit of a change to my thinking...cos diet coke is basically calorie free....and ive always followed the theory "dont drink your calories" so i may have to drink a small portion of calories...but i think i will do this be honest I havent really missed the diet coke.

I went to the physio today. She has told me no treadmill for 2-3 weeks. Just cross trainer and bike. And then I went op shopping! I bought two MEDIUM size tops...voila ! Theyfit! I also bought a size 16 denim jacket and a brooks tracksuit top (that doesnt fit me yet only size 14) all for $34 so yay yay

Tonite making a home made hamburger.

Have a good nite all!


GaeChann said...

Hello Kazz

I must agree about the "so-called" diet foods and chemicals! It appalls me that WW endorse such products and even produce them themselves for sale to their members!

It makes you wonder - do they REALLY care about our health or are they more interested in making money? Ummm!!!

I'm addicted to "op shopping" and have been lurking around the 11 local shops for the past couple of weeks!

Some have even had half-price sales would you believe!

I've totally restocked my wardrobe for about $200! How good is that? These are all small 16's or 14's in size and as I'm aiming for size 12 at goal, I really can't justify spending loads of money on clothes that won't fit me this time next year (even earlier I'm hoping!)

Congratulations on your loss this week!

Gae oxoxxo

Jess said...

I haven't had Diet Coke in a whole week and I'm already feeling better for it. Hopefully the scales will show it next weigh in!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't been able to locate your blog for a while now and I'm glad I checked again! You look great! Keep up the amazing work!