Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weigh in result :)

I forgot in yesterdays excitement that I lost a kilo last week taking me down to 119.3 kilos (yes im in the teens!) and that takes my total loss to 51.6 kilos. I changed the weigh in to friday as i have recently got membership to Jillians website and she prompts you for your weigh in on friday so that works for me.

I have had a fabulous day today. Went to the gym and did body pump...i really like that class (well except the core stuff at the end!)...burnt 449 calories....not bad for a hour long class of weights and no cardio. I then went to athletes foot to buy new shoe size has gone down half a size in length and gone from a D to a C in my shoes were too big for me now! lol So i have nice new balance shoes...same model as previously they feel much lighter tho. (and yes they were properly fitted) To answer Kase's questions about my feet are a nitemare (hangover from studying ballet for so many years i think)! lol i have planter fastisis..but this pain i had on thursday isnt the achilles and i think its just a carry on from spraining my ankle and pulling ligaments too many times when i was bigger (i use to fall over and stumble a lot) and i also cant use antiflammatory creams or meds as i am allergic to is why i have to ice ice ice it - but thanks for the advice and comments :)

Then after i got my snazzy new shoes i stopped in at katies...went to their reduced section and to the NORMAL SIZED clothes and bought 3 tank tops for the gym (me in tank tops...holy hell!) and a pair of 3/4 pants for the gym hehe...ill have all this new chit when fiona comes back she will prolly wonder where the "real karyn" has gone lol. The other thing...the 3 tank tops and work out pants came to a grand total of $20.51!!! mwuahahahhaha !!!!

It is very bizarre .... that getting into size 16's has been like a huge lightbulb go off for me..on my top half im a size 16-18 now...simply amazing...i am now getting it that this IS working...that im not the same person i previously was and i am so damn happy! Life really is looking up...i am so so so glad now i signed on for 3 PT Sessions for another 12 months...body pump is definitely going to be a class ill do reason why i shouldnt (that said im expecting sore arms tomorrow!)

Have a fab saturday all!

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