Friday, April 30, 2010

SIZE 16!!!!

April 2006

Today April 30

OMG seriously what a freaking day! I went out this morning as was meeting mum for lunch...finally went and banked the bond refund cheque and then thought id go look for some warmer clothes as i have nothing warm really that fits for work :( so i go to best n less...grab a size 18 top from the plus size section and put it over the cardigan i am wearing...OMG ITS TOO BIG!!! So i venture to the normal section...pick up a size 16...and holy hell it fits...its a firm fit...but it i try another 3 tops...ALL i rush to the counter and buy all four LOL...then i go to target...not to the plus size section...the normal section...pull a size 16 top out...put it on...OMFG it wasnt a fluke it fits too! I ended up buying 2 tops both size i now have in my cupboard six size 16 tops...all fit me...i am amazed....suddenly the girl who weighed 170 + kilos is wearing size 16!!! And omg how much cheaper are the smaller clothes? I spent $92 and got 6 tops. This was the exact motivation i one size of size FOURTEEN people !!! holy crap!!! hehe you couldnt bring my mood down today if you tried im one happy happy girl!


Martine (email: said...

I couldn't be bloody exciting !

Don't think it...Do it! said...

OMG! WOW! that is sooo good for you! And I love seeing your before and after shot.
It isn't just the amazing weight loss that is everything about you. Your skin looks 200% better, your shoulders are back, you look brighter, you look look gorgeous! Your face is just glowing! I know you still have a way to go, I can't wait to see those photos...I can't imagine what changes we will see then! :)

Adoriella said...

WOW that is just absolutely amazing!!! What a great feeling. You are doing so well, im so proud. :)

Kerry said...

STUFF ME....that is just fantastic. And your right about the price. 6 tops for the price of 2, maybe 3 at a stretch in the wide girls section.

AMAZING and soooo impressed.

Andrea said...

Fantastic Kazz - You must feel wonderful! said...

That is soooo awesome! Congrats!! You've worked really really hard.

I'm so happy for you! :)

JustJo said...

FARKEN 'ELL!!!! Smokin hot girl! Your happiness is evident with that huge smile :) Way to go Sunshine xo

the tomorrow girl said...

Congrats to you!!!
I found your blog on the weightwatchers site and I think you're doing an AWESOME job!!!

Cassie said...

Congratulations - what an achievement!! You look SO awesome!!!

Congratulations again :)

Cass xo