Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh im in pain! Yesterdays session was obviously more intense then i realised...sore butt cheeks...front upper thighs...and sore arms. So i thought ok maybe body pump today isnt such a good i thought i would go for my 6km walk instead...a small section (about 10 minutes worth) is i start marching uphill...and i was really trying to work on my time so i was going fast...2/3 of the way into it my right ankle starts killing continued to hurt till i got to a flat surface then it appeared ok again till i got to another path on a angle...again it started hurting...argh so freaking annoying. Obviously when im not keeping it on a flat surface its putting it under too much pressure...which is making me think for one thing to go see a physio...the other is that i may have to stick to the treadmill for a while (funny it didnt hurt at all yesterday whilst running) so now i have a achey foot which i iced earlier...but it still feels achey/tired. Friday is my day off so i will rest it and i think go into athletes foot and get some new shoes. Then it should be fine for body pump. The good news was i burnt 511 calories with that walk.

The scales have been very nice to me this week...i hope they keep going this way and i can record a nice solid loss on saturday morning.

Fiona has dropped a few hints via FB about doing really get the idea she thinks i should be doing it...i know its a huge calorie burn...maybe its time to "suck it up princess" let my butt get adjusted to the awful bike seats and try it. There is a beginner RPM class on wednesday nite...maybe ill go to it...see what i do for my trainer hehe (ok for me too!)

Not much else going on...yummii yiros for dinner tonite ... gotta love my high calorie days! Have a good thursday all =]

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Kase said...

Hey Kaz,

Hope you don't mind me commenting - I'm Ms_Kase over on the WW boards and wanted to say you look great in a size 16 - you must be so rapt! I also wanted to ask if your ankle pain is related to your achilles, and if so, I would
a) definitely recommend physio and
b) recommend that you consider using voltaren gel or some other type of anti inflam gel on it (if you can). I have achilles tendonitis in my right ankle and always have to apply the anti inflam gel before doing anything terribly active otherwise it's too much strain on the tendon and it hurts like hell!

Good luck with it all.

Kasey :)