Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am seriously amazed by the number of people on the ww forums...who go on there and say "i ate this and this and this and now i feel bad" and its always the same people...stop having crap in ur house then people! Stop whining like a child seeking attention! Whilst i get the boards are there for support...these people who repetively do it are doing it for validation...for attention...and people give them attention. I never use the boards like a big girl...i dont need or want anyones validation...what i do want is for myself to know im doing the best i can...and if i do slip up...ill get over it and move on. Okies off my soap box now! lol

Went to the gym today...did about 25 minutes on the treadmill with me doing 1 minute intervals with running at 6km -rawr- handled it quite fine...considering im still coughing i am rather impressed...then i did a hour or maybe a lil over of core and weights with fiona. I was seriously sweating...altho i suspect that is related to the cold...but i did burn 914 calories and when the majority of the session wasnt cardio thats pretty damn impressive.

Then fiona says ... so whats your plans? Once i realise she is wanting to know what my plans are whilst she is in like...well im "endeavouring" to do body pump on thursday and saturday...the key word is i told her thats not a committment but a aim! lol But i am thinking now...i did weights today so maybe i should not do pump tomorrow...i will think about that...maybe ill just go in and do may cardio stuff tomorrow...and pump on saturday...and then fiona goes....i mite take a laptop with me to check up on you...better yet i mite just message you each day so you can give me a update on what your doing LOL ahhhhhhhhh theres no escape! lol

I need to get back into things the weeks i work monday - friday...i wont gym it friday and sunday...on the weeks i work weekends i wont gym it sat & sun...but i certainly need to start doing 5 days a week. And no point waiting...nothing like the present! So maybe ill still do body pump tomorrow...sure it wont be the end of the world...ill do some cardio after...then body pump on saturday with some cardio again. Then monday nite maybe ill try body jam...tuesday ill do body pump...wednesday body balance and thursday ms fiona is back...sounds like a good to see if i go thru with it ! lol

OK off to go get warm and settle down with lunch and dr phil - enjoy all!


Natalie said...

Just read your comment re training gear yesterday. I'm 111 kg and I fit a nike L, and I know Nike go up to XL, so you're going to be in their gear no probs. Enjoy how great you'll look and feel!

Jody said...

Amen on your comments on the forum! The training sounds like a good plan...I need to make one of those myself.

GaeChann said...

I've given up commenting on the "poor me" threads!

I did get a comment from one young girl saying that her generation are used to their parents "fixing" everything for them - not allowing them to fail or feel a failure at anything which, or course, makes it very difficult for them in the real world! Ummm!

Anyway, like you, I'm now concentrating on my own journey as I've realised that I can't help these people so what's the use of trying! Better to use my time and energy on myself!

All the very best as you continue your amazing journey!

Gae oxoxox