Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am amazed how TOM arriving gets my head in the right place and cravings for just "food" gone!

I read Jos blog about her weekend away...and i must say i am completely in awe of her :) I wont gush too much...but the fact she is in a healthy weight range, went on a weekend like she did, is now considering of not doing weekly weigh ins (that seems incomprehendable to me!) and the way she has all her life together is amazing...amazing to read her journey.

I have been thinking about my next goal...i have no big event planned at the moment...but i think when i get my bonus (in about 7 weeks time)i am gonna go gym clothes shopping...not at target or big w or anywhere...but like nike or adidas gear...prolly wont fit me but a nice outfit or two will be something to work towards.

Tomorrow i have double PT then i dont have another session with fiona for a week :( she is off in sydney...so gonna have to get off my butt and gym it all by my lil ownsome. Thursday and saturday i am planning to do body pump. And i will do those classes. Tomorrow i will prolly just do the PT session as its that time of month and so my iron levels usually are lowered at this point and i get dizzy spells easy. That sounds like a excuse eh? Maybe ill do some interval running after the session and see how i go but if i get dizzy ill take it easy.

I didnt go to my session with my nutritionist lol gawd im a slack b*tch...but i still have a cold/allergies...and i wasnt gonna weigh in due to it being TOM so i just didnt go in ... prolly should have called - oops! lol

I do feel refocused i know i need to get on with things...if the allergies are still playing up by thursday ill go see the doc they are prolly the only thing holding me back at the moment. Im ready to keep going...to focus purely on me and aim for the next goal which is to get under 120 kilos (this weekend hopefully) and then working towards 55 kilos lost. Getting under 100 kilos is in my grasp...theres still a lot of work to be done but i can see it now...for a long time it was the ultimate...getting to 100 kilos was going to be the goal...i now realise thats not the end of the journey i have a lot lot further to go...and i am completely convinced i can do this. That i dont doubt.

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