Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well TOM arrived today...thank gawd...yesterday i was PMSIng with my eating and with my moods so im glad to have TOM and a explaination for that. Last nite i was very much "im over this health kick" lol...i swear i go a lil insane the 24 hours before TOM arrives. I have a lil stomach cramp and still a lil sore throat. So have taken the anti-histamines so hopefully that will start to take some effect.

Today i have a appointment with the dietician and ill do some interval training and the cross trainer and rower. Fiona talked to me recently about not going too hard the first few days of my cycle (as i have low iron) so will do that but thats all. Tomorrow i have a double PT session. I wont weigh in with the nutritionist today tho cos of my cycle...it can wait till next week.

I have decided to cut my calories back by 100 calories per day...which takes me down to a daily average of 1685 calories...will give this 3-4 weeks go to see how the losses go. While losing half a kilo a week is fine...with my current weight i dont think it really is enuff....so fingers crossed maybe this slight cut back to my calories will help.

Not too much else to say...have a good day all!

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