Sunday, April 25, 2010

So woke with a blocked nose again this morning! Argh!!! Just as i think i am getting rid of it it goes and visits me again. So this arvo i was suppose to go out for drinks for Ryans bday but have skipped it as they arent till 3pm and they are drinking outside...and as its not a work nite im guessing the drinking will go into the evening so thought its better i try and keep my body at a decent temperature and get over this once and for all. Tonite tho i think a blanket on the bed to go with my quilt.

Just went to the not really a biscuit eater but had a desire for some *winks* so anyway i found these paradise more-ish macadamia cookies...2 for 107 calories (packet says 97 calories but i trust calorie king a fraction more lol) anyway they were delishus...but have hidden them LOL had more now till tomorrow!

Ive been playing some backgammon today online...havent played it for so long and its something i use to play and enjoy quite a bit...strategic games like that are not only good for the brain cells also good for depression...PLUS I dont even think about the fridge when playing lol. I even installed psp on my puter again today...maybe ill think about getting into the graphics again down the track.

Made a yummi tuna and cheese frittata for lunch today (had it with some barley) so yummy and such a filling meal for 400 calories...AND a big dose of vegetables to go with it :)

I did contemplate going on a big walk but with this cold dont think thats overly wise...mite pull out the wii in a bit and play on that for a while tho. Mostly i think if i rest today and tomorrow then hopefully i can do a real hard cardio workout on tuesday. Something i am realising is i really need to get stuck into my own workouts again...the interval running and stair climbing helped enormously and while i will call them "the stupid cross trainer and rower" they inevitably will help me. Just need to get into a routine with them all.

But for now off to watch a movie "The girl with the dragon tattoo" its based on a swedish planning to buy the books this week! Enjoy all =]


Mad Woman said...

I heard that movie is fantastic...but I hated the books.

kazz said...

wow thats the first negative word i have read about the books to be gonna give them a go two thirds into the movie and loving it (i dont tend to watch movies in one sitting lol)

Tania said...

Oh Kazz - hope you're feeling better really soon! Enjoy relaxing time.