Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weight in results

Weighed in this morning...i have lost another 600 grams (seems to be the number i generally lose lol) so i am now down to 120.3 kilos. Had PT This morning...a double session we did 45 minutes of boxing before i got a bit lightheaded ... i actually coped with it much better then i expected...i thought id be a coughing mess...fiona didnt have me running but lots of combos...pushups against the wall...mountain climbers against a step and squats. And i was a rather sweaty mess. We then did a lil core stuff (ouch!) before she stretched me out. 685 calories burnt considering we made a point to keep my heart rate down today not a bad effort at all! lol

This coming week fiona is off to sydney for a fitness convention/seminar thingy when she comes back she wants us to sit down and do a planning session...i am presuming just to set some goals...and work out how best to use the 3 PT sessions per week and maybe even she may be wanting to put the hard word on me for my own workouts LOL she said she thinks she will prolly come back with a heap of uh oh look out kazz!

She gave me a compliment today...she said...yes people notice your hips are reducing or whatever but what is more obvious is your have a sparkle in your eyes...your skin is clear...your happy....and thats whats important to us (speaking from the gyms perspective) she said the nutritionist said to her the other day...i really like whats going on here....and she was apparantly pointing to her fiona was saying its more about the glow etc...not sure if i explained that well but was a nice compliment! lol

TOM is due...another reason why i was more then happy with the 600 grams weight loss i am expecting it any it can just hurry itself to visit me so it can hurry itself to say goodbye too! lol

Tonite i am splashing out making a pasta dish with salami...salamis a good old way to get my calories up its like 200+ calories for a lousy 50 grams...wholly hell...but since today is my 2600 calories that all works fine! Ok off i go :)


Anonymous said...

omg, so close to the 110s!!! that's so cool what the gym people were saying. I only see you through photos but you definitely look heaps happier, I look at your start photo and always think how sad you must of been. all the best for next week, i'm hoping you get at least 400g to get you into that next bracket! :)

Martine (email: said...

Kazz, I so agree with Fiona. I noticed a dramatic difference when I saw you a few weeks ago - that inner glow. Certainly you should be very proud. See you next week. Mx

The Fat Chick said...

Well done!!

Mad Woman said...

Well done you!