Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ive had a real nice day. Went out for a walk and lunch with tina, martine and tania. We walked down semaphore for around 45 minutes...i havent been down there since i was about 15 or 16...its a wonderful place for walking...then we stopped for lunch...where I actually had pasta (surprisingly as I dont eat pasta so often these days!) then we went for a coffee...was a really lovely day with the gurls :)

Unfortunately right at this moment i feel quite flat. My foot started hurting towards the end of the walk. I swear if i could cut of my feet i would lol. Its frustrating that what I enjoy the most at the gym is treadmill and especially the running...and i enjoy my walks outside...but I think ultimately using these as my main cardio is doing me no favours. I only last a few days then they seem to play i think i need to take them out of the equation. Which leads me to question what can i really maintain for at least 30 minutes cardio wise. Which unfortunately leads me to the bloomin bike! UGH! I hate it...I hate how my stomach looks while im on it...i hate how my butt feels...but i really feel i have no choice as I cannot last 30 minutes on the cross trainer. Tomorrow I will rest my foot. Tuesday nite i will do body pump and then wednesday I will go do the beginners RPM class...the instructor is Sarah who is fionas best friend....and knows i have issues with classes and the i think for a first class on the bike thats the one to go for. Then thursday and friday I have PT (double PT on thursday), saturday I will rest and sunday I am suppose to do the mothers day classic which is a 4km light of things...we will see about that :(


Hippygal said...

Mix up your cardio, thats what I am doing as I also can not do the treadmill, lucky for me I hate it :-), but maybe do 30 minutes combined on the rower, bike and x-trainer, say 10 minutes each maybe. Just a thought. Have a great week :-)

Tania said...

Oh Kazz, hope your foot is a bit better today! Good luck with the RPM class.