Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I keep meaning to do a update then every time I sit down to do one something manages to distract me.

Last weekend whilst I did remain under calories I ate a meal out friday, saturday and sunday which I *think* has led to fluid retention. Yesterday morning I had jumped up to 120.5 kilos...this morning its back to 120 kilos on the dot...but am expecting a gain this week. I am not perturbed...I think my mindset is just changing...Im in size 16....and its starting to click that im "normal" or close to it. I went and did body pump class last nite again...and didnt feel like i didnt belong it just really wasnt a big deal being in that class...that said im competent in that class i dont struggle so thats prolly got a lot to do with it. I know the scales will continue to go down...i know i will continue to lose centimetres and i know ill continue creating this awesome body :) Tonight im off to do a RPM class..yesterday I had to ring the gym and was speaking to sarah who is fionas best friend...and anyway we were chatting while she was waiting for some info for me...and i said im gonna come do your rpm class tomorrow nite...and she screamed haha! So at least its with a trainer who knows how pathetic i am over the classes ;)

Gave that cross trainer a bit of a workout last nite...i was sweating non stop and was consistently having my heart rate over 90% but i was really getting into the swing of the movement of the cross trainer and it burns lots of calories so was rather liking that. So 22 minutes on the cross trainer plus body pump and i burnt 980 calories - woo go me!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee distracted again! I blame ryan...hehe if i go quiet at work if he isnt on a call he is straight away bugging me (and vice versa admittedly lol) anyway i didnt go to the gym...oopsie! I was nice and warm and the thought of going outside wasnt enticing at all!

So instead...dinner is currently cooking...i have been looking thru the recipes on Jillians website...i found what looks like a nice chilli one (btw does anyone know what Tapioca is for us aussies? Or if we sell it here where???)...maybe ill have to go buy a slow cooker OR i won a award at work...and got some wishlist points so mite have to buy one with about to sit down and read Jillians cookbook...yay exciting for me.

Oh yeah and friday i have a physio appointment about my foot! Its with a girl who teaches some classes at the gym...she has a physio business so gonna go see her...hopefully she just gives me some exercises to help to strengthen my feet.

Ok not much else to say (i dont think!)...oh yeh next 2 days off YAY....double PT tomorrow...and another PT session on friday...enjoy all!

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Kerry said...

I think tappioca (how ever you spell it) is basically the same as sago. Which i must admit i have a weakness for, but am told it looks like frogs eggs (dunno, never seen em)

It is so awesome that you are in size 16 clothes. size 14 here you come :-)