Friday, May 07, 2010

So yesterday I had my first PT session since Fiona got back from her fitness convention thing. The big things that she said yesterday that she wants all her clients doing are:

* take fish oil capsules
* keep the stress down to a minimum
* eat more soluble fibre
* eat nuts

I knew the stress thing (stress increases cortisol which leads to fluid retention), i eat a bit of soluble fibre (grains like barley), so out of what she said the big ones for me are the fish oil capsules and eat nuts. I roasted almonds the other of Jillians recipes 10 of them worked out to 110 (i think from memory) and I will need to start to research on the fish oil capsules.

Yesterday we did weights and core. I burnt 790 calories. And that was the final weeks of those programs. Interesting how easy i find mountain climbers to do now. I made a recipe of jillians website yesterday morning...her french toast. Interesting that our products are sometimes higher in calories. So she calculated it would be 295 calories...mine came to 595 calories! LOL but thats okay but its a good lesson...that the products here in aussie have different calorie values...will have to calculate them prior to cooking next time.

Ive asked mum to keep a eye out for a slow cooker and food processor at the garage sales...i really need one of each...fingers crossed she can get me one.

This morning i went and saw the physio. Basically i have a lot of scar tissue from previous injuries (think she was surprised by how much) so she gave me a treatment and altho its tender it feels a lot loser already...not so time in 10 days time...she will do treatments on both feet. She thinks my feet can get back to completely 100% woo hoo! She is gonna call fiona too so that fiona knows whats going on and to adjust my training pattern slightly. The bad news she told me no mothers day classic :( but that i can test out the treadmill this week - weeeeeeeeeee so no incline and not running...but she said to test it out to see how I one nite this week ill try 15 minutes or so on the cross trainer.

Then on the way home (after stopping at cafe bocca for a omlette and toast yumyum!) i dropped into the anglicare second hand store...and they had a designer label 2 size 'L' sportscraft tshirts and they fit! I also bought a dress...size 16...chocolate brown...its gorgeous...hopefully by spring/summer it will fit me. So its hanging on my bedroom door as some extra motivation. Such a stylish simple dress...cant wait for it to fit me!

Went to the gym...did 21 minutes on the "stupid contraption" (cross trainer) <--- thats its official new name haha then i did a hour of boxing with fiona...burnt 850 i was knackered by the time i was finished! Fiona was also saying how at the convention for weight loss/maintenance they say you need 60 minutes of exercise every day...fiona was like its fine in theory...and after a bit of discussion i think 60 minutes 5 times a week is what i should aim for. (5 days intense training and 2 days moderate/light exercise such as a walk)

I am thinking about going on a holiday toward the end of the year (maybe august) after asking for suggestions and looking into it...cairns is actually looking likely...mostly cos it has lot of things i could do! They have hot air ballooning, horse riding thru rain forests (this would prolly be dependant on my weight), kayaking, white water rafting, waterfalls, walks in rainforests etc...i think we could call it a "this is really living holiday" so think mite have to book some holidays and see how i go!

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Martine (email: said...

Keeping those fingers crossed re the feet. I eat nuts so that is good so I will look into fish oil tablets as well. I personally am nearly at 60 minutes 6 times a week but I actually think that is a reasonable amount of time. My feet are to be amputated they are driving me mental, looking forward to speaking to the podiatrist. Yay about the clothes, how exciting. Mx