Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well i have been missing in action eh? I have had a migraine since late sunday nite...its a lot better tonite and i will be back at work tomorrow. I didnt go to ww obviously cos i did have a migraine...and today i havent eaten so great....i will prolly go weigh in next tuesday but i will call ww on friday and sign up for unlimited. I was watching oprah today...they had this weight loss challenge on it and bob greene was on it and showing how he did these one on one sessions with the different entrants and while watching it i realised that i have never done. I have slowly realised over time different things that may have contributed to weight gain (especially after my mid 20's) but ive never really delved into them...and maybe thats what i need to do.

I emailed the gay and lesbian counselling service here today to see if they can recommend someone...so still waiting a response for that.

Anyway not a great else to write and dont wanna sit at the puter for long...will be back later in the week.

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Anonymous said...

great idea babe - it is as much about your head as it is about the stuff you put into your mouth!