Friday, August 24, 2007

Well boy todays been a busy day - i think i need a nap ! lol

I went to ww...signed up for yay tracking online again...and anyway weighed in and woohooo lost 900 grams ! So i am under 140 woot. I then went and put my ambulance bill in for NIB to pay (thank gawd) and then went to the newsagency to hunt down this magazine called LOTL which stands for lesbians on the loose which i have just found out is sold in adelaide (sydney based magazine) so got that then headed to the shops to pick up a couple of things....then home...i was out for like 3 hours but doesnt seem that long when i type it like that lol. I also reativated my pink sofa account...i have actually had about 8 new people message me on their this week - shame most arent from australia lil own Adelaide !

This aftenoon im getting washing done and relaxing...gonna go sit in front of the tv and relax shortly...i have today off but back to it all tomorrow....and am not off till thursday (these one day weekends truly suck)

okies not much else to i go to do some house work - byes all !


Tania said...

Well done on your loss! Lol @ lesbians on the loose, could be a good title for you at your next dance ;-)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the loss babe! A new "decade" to be in always motivates!!!!!!!