Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well today looks like a glorious day outside and im stuck in at work. But...i finish at 5.30pm and dont work till 1pm tomorrow which is rather nice. Last nite i went home from work...made a nice pasta dish for dinner...then i made one of "greens" 97% fat free chocolate fudge out to 3 points for a slice...and my god ... so yummii....i had a slice last nite and i have planned for a slice tonite...after my chicken and rice. Last nite I sat and watched 5 episodes in a row of wills n grace which i just laughed so much thru. Tonight L word is on wo0ot love that show. And tomorrow is the first proper day of hopefully as I am on afternoons the next 3 days i will manage a hour or so each day and then thursday on my day off have a full on day of studying. I have decided I am going to cancel foxtel. Really at the moment i just dont have time for it. By the time i go to for walks...there is very little free time for a whole lot of tv watching. So i am going to call tomorrow and cancel it. Will just have to start watching normal tv like a normal person lol and buying least ill keep them. Plus i wanna start getting outside and enjoying the sunshine more now that spring is just about here.

I did jump on the scales this morning and they look like they have moved in the right direction. Which i am very happy about. The most weight i ever lost is 35 kilos...that was over a 6 month period. I am now sitting exactly at 31 another 5 kilos and i will hit 36 kilos so thats a real focus at the moment. Well my lunch break is just about over so time to head back to the phones and do some work...enjoy ur sunday all !

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Tania said...

Isn't that chocolate fudge cake just the best? I discovered it a couple of years ago and make it all the time as a birthday cake now (just add some whipped cream and strawberries) and no one knows the difference!

I'm with you on cancelling Foxtel, Lachlan is the only one watching it in this house and as soon as our contract expires in November we're getting out too - he has nearly 30 DVD's so it's not like he's gonna miss it.

Well done on having lost 31kgs - that extra 5kgs will be gone in no time.