Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well good morning all ! Well its decision time - yet again ! lol...heres the deal, the hibernation of winter is practically over...only another couple of days and it will be spring and its now time with this delicious weather to up the ante on my weight loss and healthier lifestyle. So from TODAY until the end of the year....the deal ive made with myself is to do the following things :

1. I WILL track every day in my ww etools
2. I will NOT eat any take away food for the rest of the year
3. I WILL drink a litre of water every day
4. I WILL eat one piece of fruit every day
5. I WILL do 50 repition exercises everyday

So thats the deal ive made with myself. And i can hear people saying why? Well...partly cos i think after a year you can get a lil slack with yourself. Also i had a conversation yesterday with one of the managers at work which got me thinking...she was saying that you can really notice my weight loss lately and how especially up top you can see i actually have a fine body frame and that my shoulders, face etc even starting to head towards small...and i think those words were enuff to kinda boost me on. I think sometimes we can start to just accept. Yanno when i first started ww this time i was 170.9 and i would be on the ww forum and see a lot of girls who weighed around 140...and i would think i would love to get to that weight id feel normal...and then i realised i am around the same weight now as when Ang was here...and i start to think...well yanno im okay now im kinda normal...but thats out of kinda normal compared to 12 months ago YES but im NOT at a normal size YET and thats what i needed to get my head around i think. So that is why i have decided to make those 5 deals with myself.

Onto other things, ive started the studying....all going good so far. Altho lots of work to do...tomorrow morning i really have to get stuck into it and get about 4 hours of quality studying done so i can enjoy the rest of my two days off.

Okies not much else to to make breakfast (and track it lol) before getting ready for work byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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