Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well good news,,,,1.7 kilos i lost at weigh in today taking me to a total loss of 32.7 kilos which i am ecstatic about...amazing to think im getting closer to that 35 kilos mark. I popped into katies today to their reduced section up on the first floor in rundle mall and ta da bought 4 pairs of knee length shorts for $2.50 each - can you believe that price????

So glad to have a couple of days off. After only one day of last week and then working 5 days i really needed some down time. AFter ww i came home ... was in the shower then the phone rang...its my mum and she says...hold on and then this lil voice comes on the phone and says "come see me" lol was my lil 3 year old this afternoon spending sometime with the kids relaxing. Tomorrow morning im hoping to get a stack of studying done. okies off i go...enjoy all !


Whoever I want to be said...

Fantastic loss there girl - Congrats :)
Have a good weekend Jaxx

Tania said...

Great loss Kazz - you're going to look fantastic for summer.