Wednesday, September 05, 2007

wooo hooo managed to knock another 1.4 kilos off today...taking me to a grand loss of 34.1 kilos...which is now the most weight ive ever lost...and only 900 grams off my 35 kilos would be so nice to reach that next week. (for all you yanks who read my journal thats a loss now off 75.02 pounds wooo hooo. All else is going okie dokie (okies maybe a few dramas but i aint gonna bore u all with that lol) Today i am off as well as tomorrow...tomorrow afternoon will be a big study time...this afternoon im planning to do washing, cleaning and this evening i am planning to relax and watch some tv. series one of l word ended last sunday nite...series 2 starts this weekend soooooooooooooooo good....and someone (maybe felicity?) kept asking me have i seen ivan on the show yet...well i did the other kewl character ;) !

Okies off i go to do these chores and eat my fish for lunch...enjoy your day all

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Tania said...

Well done - there's not stopping you!