Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well good sunday afternoon all =] My weekend has been busy but good. Last night we went to the dance...and shock horror...i was late and felicity was on time *smirks* anyway it wasnt as good as previous ones but it was a good nite still. Me and felicity are getting to know more people so thats really good when you walk in and there are people who you talk too and spend some of the evening with. We danced quite a bit (the dj pplays a LOT of kylie and shania twain lol). It was a interesting night...i did have someone say "why are you single? your gorgeous" and everyone whose read my journal for a while knows how bizarre i find those kind of comments cos i just dont see that. But it was a fun nite...i felt good...and i think i even looked good...and before anyone asks yes i was slack and didnt take photos...but felicity took a couple of photos with her ill post them here but remember they are not digital camera photos just off her mobile phone. i am the one standing mostly in the front of the pics...oh and as a disclaimer..before ANYONE else and felicity arent together LOL we are constantly asked if we are a couple...but were not lol...hahahah okies enjoy all

ok and heres some other pics. 2 are old and 2 are taken today - i must admit i really see a difference now !

The first one is december 2006 and the second is march 2007

And TA-DA here are 2 pictures taken august 2007....a year after i originally started


I will be a butterfly said...

Holy cow girl, go you :)

You look so amazing, you really are a huge inspiration. Keep going strong, you look amazing.

Who is Tardie? said...

Wow Kazz - you look incredible!!! So nice to see you smiling as well :-)


Anonymous said...

wow! you look great! i am so glad to be able to put a face to the name!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely Fabulous.

Chubbymum said...

Wow... what a difference in your pictures. You seem like a different person. Well done with your achievements.