Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well lawdie only 3pm and im freaking exhausted ! Went to town to pick up the phone...gave the cops my name and date of birth and i come up in their bloody computer system ! Now i know im not a angel but really im not that bad lol...i had a guy approach me with porno pics once that i reported and oh yeh i lived across the road from where a murder occurred and when it occurred the cops forensic van used electricity from my house so i guess they have my details. Anyway collected that...then went to get my foundation ... would you freaking believe the one colour i want was out of stock ! But i think i prolly have enough left in the container for tonite and bought some powder just in case and some new eyeshadows. Altho why i bought new ones since all i wear is brown i dunno.

I am pretty sure i am gonna wear a black and cream top that felicity gave me...its see thru so i bought a lil singlet top to wear under it and new bras...nice satin ones...and woohooo im in a 22DD now (no matter how slim i get i will never lack in that department and to be honest thats good i like my cleavage lol - prolly a lesbian thing...) but i originally was squeezing into a 26E so thats good.

Then went to the hairdressers and had my hair streaked - thank gawd no more regrowth and just for gertie i then got my eyebrows waxed lol (is it just me but doesnt the warm feeling when they put the wax on feel devine?)

Food wise things are going SO good ! I am not picking at all between meals and been within my points everyday and i sneaked a peak at the scales and am sure ill lose at least 500 grams this week so that is good. And my new jeans are getting loose...another few kilos and i mite go to target and try on a size smaller

I have been talking to someone on the pink sofa lately whose a huge true crime buff like me omg if people read our messages lol last nite we were talking about mummification of bodies...then this morning i woke to read some lady has been living with 2 dead bodies in her house that had mummified...sounds gruesome i know but all that true crime stuff interests me

Well...i think i am going to go and either watch a episode of cold case files or have a nap...i hope y'all have a good nite tonite

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