Thursday, August 09, 2007

Well jeepers i am so freaking blonde sometimes. Felicity messages me in msn last nite says a taxi driver just rang me he has your mobile phone lol...lawdie i didnt even realise i was missing it ( i ahve a real BAD habit of losing the damn mobile phones lol) he ended up leaving it at hindley police station so saturday i will go in and collect it but that kinda works good cos i need foundation. I normally wear bloom foundation but the other week when going out didnt have time to get into myers so bought another...OMFG i put it on my face and it came out white LOL but i have the bottle of the old bloom one with the color name so will get some on saturday. I work 1-9 today and tomorrow ... kinda nice to have a couple of late days after doing so many earlies lately. Tomorrow i pick up the new mastercard and will then order the text books so should have them next week, which works out good. On the uni forums they all say to read chapter one before the course starts so that gives me a week or two to do that. Okies not much else to say - all is good !

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Anonymous said...

how bloody lucky are you that the taxi driver found your mobile! crazy! and that you didn't even know that it had gone! hehe!