Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well this is different updating at home on a saturday night ! lol Actually its been nice. I cooked pasta for dinner...made a sauce with bacon pieces, tinned tomatos and chilli seasoning...very low in points...AND boy does the chilli make you down that water !I then watched the next two episodes of L word i had recorded...oooo la la such a good series...and i think i mite be inlove ! omg anyone who has seen this show i will say just one word "marina" apart from being classy and sexy...she has the most incredible accent and hot hot is all i can say. The show actually makes me wanna run out and find a gf hahahahahh. And now i am sitting here with VH1 classics on....princes "little red corvette" at the moment. Oh something funny happened in the sofa chat room last nite. I was in there and so was my friend felicity and we were talking in msn as well. Anyway this girl who we both met at the last golden dance was there and i was saying hi and all to her and i think i then moaned about never meeting anyone and so this girl is like...i will take you out kazz..tell me where you like to eat. Then she going to the dance (which is next weekend) im like...yes....and she goes can i have a dance then? and im like rubbing eyes to make sure what im reading is correct and im like ... well of course.... so in msn im like to felicity ... omg did you see what she asked? next thing felicity says...omg check out what she said i go back to the room and she asked if she could have a slow of course i said yes. (jody would tell me thats cos im a h0 LOL) whats so amazing about all this is...ive had girls flirt with me online before...and always in the back of my mind its "yes but you dont know what i look like" but this person has met me so its weird for me to think someone whose met me in real life could show interest ...we were introduced at the last dance. And even tho I dont think me and this person would really be suited (shes too nice a person for a start lol) so next dance is this coming saturday should be a interesting nite.

Tomorrow afternoon im meeting up with felicity ...her aunty had some weight loss surgery (in this weeks copy of thats life apparantly) and so felicity has some clothes she was given ... so she is giving me the ones she didnt want. And felicity tells me there are some real nice ones so that would be a real nice bonus. Tomorrow nite i am going out for dinner with my mum, stepdad and his mum. I think I will be rather good and just get lasagne...thats the plan and then of course monday nite is weigh in nite - fingers crossed for that.

Oh and my mastercard debit card got approved *yay* so pick that up this week and then i can organise the books for uni and also go on the unlimited plan for ww. Okies think im gonna go settle down and watch a episode of cold case files before calling it a nite - enjoy the rest of the weekend all !


Tania said...

Geez Kazz, you might nearly need an "R" rating on your blog before long ... lol ... have to admit i'm even curious about the L Word - I so don't watch Foxtel often enough!

So next weekend we're gonna hear all about the dance right? No excuses? Not that I can talk, i'm getting back into that mindset where I second guess going out at the moment, haven't been there for a while, probably just as well i've joined Curves and gotten back on track lately.

We will catch up soon!

Tania said...

Forgot to say good luck for weigh in tomorrow night!

kazz said...

hahahah @ r rated...mite have to put a disclaimer to that effect LOL and yes i will fill you in on the dance LOL ill prolly be some lil wallflower lol

Tania said...

You? A wallflower? Nah - I don't see it ... lol