Thursday, August 02, 2007

good afternoon lovelies ! Things here are going very good. Day 3 and am completely on track - and that includes a piece of fudge ! But I have pointed it and I still with eating the fudge (which im eating now....caramel fudge yummmm) i still have 10.5 points left for dinner tonite and thats not counting the exercise points ill earn tonite at the gym. So tonite i think it will be light fish and oven fries especially as by the time i get home will be after 6.30pm. I sneaked a peek at the scales this morning and its showing a loss of about 1.5 things are looking good for mondays weigh in. And yay tomorrows looking forward to this weekend...i have absolutely nothing planned and so planning to catch up on housework...saturday nite ill cook a nice dinner and then sit down to my 2 hours of L word...and sunday night will go out to dinner with my a nice way to end the weekend. I may even try and go for a walk...i figure if i go fro a 25 mminute walk and then see how my heel feels. It doesnt give me any pain or stiffness anymore so it prolly is ok to start walking on for long walks...and as i will never go to the gym 7 days/work being able to go for walks would work good.

tomorrow i start work at 10.30am have been starting 8.30am all week so the thought of sleeping in till 9am tomorrow (altho knowing me ill wake earlier) sounds wonderfullllllllllllll at the moment...okies off i go....enjoy your day all !

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YoyoDoll said...

Kazz I just love your blog! The design is awesome :)

Now I'm craving fudge!

Hope you have a nice weekend :o)