Tuesday, July 31, 2007

well aleisha won bb ! how funny i went back to ww last nite which finished at 8pm and i thought well ill miss the final of bb...but jeepers how long did it go???? Was funny show to watch tho i thought.

And yes i did rejoin !!! (and tania not that "other" leader either lol) and im really glad i did ... ive pointed everything up till dinner and will have 9 points left for dinner...and thats not counting the bonus points ill earn at the gym tonite either so thats good. When i went to bed i took the book 1 to bed and re read it even tho ive read it 50 times before thought it cant hurt and i must admit sitting in the meeting listening to people say "i lost 2 kilos" "i reached 10%" "i reach 20 kilos" was very very motivating. I am determined to have a good loss this week.

I was flicking thru foxtel the other nite and realised on W they were showing the series "the L word" on W from the beginning. Now those who dont know L word is a lesbian soap opera...i had heard rave reviews about it but never seen it...anyway so i recorded the first 3 episodes last sunday and i watched the first one last nite...and all i can say is OMG !!!! so damn hot! i can wait to watch the other episodes i have recorded...but as i am not going out this weekend mite save them for saturday nite...omg hot hot hot ! i can see this is a new addiction in the making lol (like i needed another lol)

Okies not much else going on...off to the gym tonite !

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Tania said...

Yay for you! I couldn't believe BB either, I didn't actually see the announcement, I stopped my tape just before thinking it had finished (next time i'll check).

I watched to the end of the tape and then had to run and check the website to see who had won ... lol

Got to love that motivation don't you? I'm looking forward to doing Curves weight loss program for the same reason.