Monday, August 06, 2007

Well met felicity for lunch yesterday and what a bonus - she had a huge bag of clothes for me....full of clothes from katies and target...there were 18 items all up...about 8 of the tops fit me now (wearing one today and ooo la la la got such a choice for what to wear saturday nite to the dance) then there were numerous ones size 16-18-20 so lots to grow was like christmas time...couldnt thank felicity enuff !

We went to cafe palazzo ... i had for lunch a entree serving of spinich and ricotta canneloni with a tomato yummii ! Tonite i am off to ww...i woud really really like to get under 142 kilos by their scales - so wish me luck !

Not much else is happening...was on earlies today but the rest of the week i dont have to wake before 9am which is bloody nice ! Okies off i go !

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Tania said...

I LOVE Cafe Palazzo, haven't been there in ages! Glad you had a nice catch up and congrats on the clothes. Have to post photos of you dressed up for the dance!!!