Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 2nd 2006

woooo hoooo!!! Lost 1.4 kilos this week!! So the exercise must be starting to have some effect and that brings me to a total of 8.2 kilos hehe very happy girl. And i am going to join the local gym this weekend and then will start doing aqua aerobics 3 times per week so things are starting to fall into place. Will teach me to worry over what those damn scales of mine say hehe

Okies really not much else to say but wanted to let you all know how my weigh in went

oh and someone smack the ww site for me it wont load :(

kazz =)


Tania said...

Hey Kazz, congrats on the great loss! Sounds like this gym option is just perfect for you, looking forward to hearing how your first session goes.

Hippygal said...

Bloody hell girl you are rockin :):)

Cheers Jaxx