Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1 2006

Welps i think ive made the gym decision and its not fernwood ! I decided to look in the yellow pages online and saw a gym thats near me (actually next door to where my sister use to live lol) but i noticed it had a name change. Previously this gym had been geared towards body building and males so even tho it had a pool it wasnt for me. Well i decided to ring them and so glad i did. Its now owned by 3 ladies and the emphasis is on rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. She told me they have a lot of over weight people there and that they LIKE overweight people cos it gives them goals. They also have a dietician who is also a personal trainer. And they have aqua aerobic sessions at 1pm every week day and 11pm on saturdays. So i am gonna go this week and have a nosy, but i really liked the way this gurl talked...and also if i go on a 12 month contract its only $10.90 a week...and i think id really enjoy the aqua and i think realistically at my size that is what i should go for. I need to be able to get some bathers and i doubt i can get them in a store now seeing as we are going into winter but i did find a seller on ebay who sells some nice ones so i will purchase them on thursday and go from actually excited LOL

Okies well not much else to say...ive been good but really worried about this weigh in to be honest...will be back tomorrow =)

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airlie said...

heya! no wonder i couldn't find you! you're 8 kilos littler! awesome work chick and guess what? I joined curves today!