Saturday, April 29, 2006

decisions decision can you believe i am still trying to decide about exercise...ive now been told about so add that to the mix of my confusion. Part of me is thinking ill ring curves on monday...ive already emailed fernwood to ask them a few questions....

But maybe i should just be brave and give curves a try? they have a week trial i can always try and not return if i dont like it.

I should tell u all about my scales...well they are just a LIL unreliable lol okies thats the understatement of the year if i was going by my scales ive lost 23 kilos hahahah theyre shoing ive maintained or put on but i know theyre not reliable so i am really trying to not focus on em cos i have been good...have exercised and my jeans are looser around my hips so we will have to see on tuesday. Tomorrow going out for lunch with mum and co...gonna be good and have lasagne which they serve with a real nice salad and then gonna go for a bit of a poke lol on the being rude now !

Okies thats enuff for today...laters all =)

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