Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22 2014

Went to the gym today with the intention to do my upper body workout. I went to do the first exercise and my trainer suddenly appeared LOL. I told her the program is a lil all over the place...which is gonna be hard specially when i go back to work and going to the gym in the evenings  when its busy. So she is going to rewrite my program so its not as much moving about the gym. So i will get the new program tomorrow night. I will also then talk to her about how my goal is to be in the low 90s by february and then I want to start running again.

Foodwise...all on track today.....suppose to be 1300 cals today and I should finish up on 1335 calories for the day.

Not a heck of a lot else to say! Enjoy your day all :)

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