Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23 2014

So a few interesting things :) One thing I notice the more I go on the internet is I am hardly the first person to do well with weight loss...and then struggle...whether its cos someone gained 5 kilos or all their weight...or just lost their enthusiasm for the lifestyle...im not on my own....and possibly it was even to be expected. I think realising it happens to many....and it doesnt make me a failure is a huge thing for me :)

I also decided tonight at the gym I am going to have a chat to my trainer. Someone left a timely response on my MFP profile (which by the way if you want to follow me is kazzsj0urney) saying...."it doesnt all need to be cardio or all resistance work"... actually it was much longer then that but it basically was...doing a variety of what you enjoy...and lets be honest I find classes better! So my suggestion to my trainer is 2 days a week ill train with her....2 days a week ill do classes...one day a week ill walk with Martine and then 2 days a week ill do my trainers program. Initially the classes i will get into will be pump and RPM....my new gym tho also has cardio grit....i dont think im fit enough for that one yet...but that will be a goal.

So tonight i am going to get into the gym about 45 minutes before my PT session and do about 25 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill and 20 minutes or so on the xtrainer. If i am going to start running for training once i get down to the low 90's i need to start getting more comfortable on the treadmill and not fear it so much...so will start with incline walking :)

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