Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24 2014

Last night I went to the gym. I did 10 minutes of incline walking on the treamill...the plan was to do 25 minutes but I got my start time for PT mixed up....started at 7.15pm but I thought was 7.30pm. Anyway so first thing me and my trainer went to her office to discuss my weekly change the upper body that she had written me and also to work out a weekly plan which will look like this:

Monday : RPM (and body pump if not sore)
Tuesday : PT
Wednesday : Upper body
Thursday : pump or RPM
friday : lower body
saturday : PT
Sunday : 1 hour walking

thursday and sunday are essentially active recovery days.

Went to the my hair cut and coloured....oooh la la!

Tomorrow I will be doing body pump in the morning...then tomorrow arvo/evening I have a bbq at my managers house which should be fun...will be good to see everyone from work :)

Calories have been great....after being 113.1 kilos last wednesday morning...i was 106.1 kilos this morning :)

Enjoy your day all!

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