Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27 2014

well missing in action for a few days! Thursday night I went to a bbq with my team from work. We are breaking up ;( tuesday is the last day we all work together unfortunately . The bbq was at my boss's house....we all decided to bring whatever food...and it was a huge of food! but we all put on a pretty good spread! lol (and yes calories went out the window that day lol) one of the guys had a cob bread filled with a dip made of mayo, sour cream, bacon, parsley and god knows what tasted like cheese but with no was the bomb! I did eat a bit of that - I couldnt help myself! On top of that i had 2 sausages...piece of blackforest cake...a cupcake...and a small handful of chips....certainly overate but it wasnt overly excessive (just all high calorie foods!) but it was a good night..we were a good team...all got on ridiculously well....laughed a sad that team is being broken up :(

I tried to get up early enough to attend classes but gave up LOL. I have to be up at 7.15am on monday which will kill me...but going back to work will get my sleeping back on track quick smart. So gave up and figured ill relax till monday then my routine will recommence!

Yesterday my cals were 1300 and i ended up on 1319 for the day so was happy with that. Today is a higher calorie day so 1800. I havent eaten heaps today and funnily enough not too hungry....if i have 1000 calories left by dinner tonight i might splurge and get carbonara from the lil italian store (normally i get a kebab/yiros) on saturday nights if not going out.

Oh I just discoverred the tv show the new adventures of old christine...ive watched a few episodes and its hilarious...downloading season 1 so this arvo i think a bit of laughter watching that from episode 1.

Not much else going on...enjoy ur weekend all :)

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