Sunday, October 05, 2014

5 October 2014

Yanno I nearly didnt post today....yet again my eating has not been great...and I thought oh i cannot again post "i am getting back on track" but yanno its my ill post it again and again till i do get completely back on track ;)

I have started to go thru my MFP friend list...not that I have a lot of friends on there but I do have a number of people who will post things like "i want to eat all the carb foods you have butter on"....and i think subconciously it is prolly a lil triggering. I think have online support is a GREAT benefit....but it needs to be the right support. Some of my friends on MFP are also not anti additives...and by that i mean they will debate whether there is scientific proof if artificial sweeteners, additives etc have been scientifically proven to cause issues. So I think I need to keep a watch on that list.

Anyway....back onto things...I think tho I will do a straight 1500 calories for a week or so then once I start to plateau Ill switch to calorie cycling. Tomorrow the gym is closed (well its open when I  am at work only) so no gym tomorrow night....but i am finishing work at 3.30pm so theres no reason not to fit a walk in...then tuesday night PT. I also start a second PT session per week this week. As has always been the case for me....they gym is crucial for me....its where I get a lot of motivation time to really throw myself back into it! So exercise wise this is the plan this week:

Monday : Small walk
Tuesday : PT plus some cardio work
Wednesday : Upper body workout
Thursday : RPM Friday ; Leg workout
Saturday : PT plus some cardio workout

The aim would be to burn 3000 calories this a average of 6oo cals a day (without accounting for monday)

I have stomach cramps today so didnt do a lot...relaxed watching tv....did a couple of loads of washing....washed my bed linen so fresh sheets on the bed tonight...yay! is to a good week...:)

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