Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11 2014

So I decided to up the ante and have committed to doing 3 PT sessions per week. Now I must say...I have done PT for years...these sessions are without a doubt the hardest I have ever done! LOL...For one thing they are longer....45 minutes. She (Candice) does a lot of circuit work including weights and cardio...which is very similar to how Jillian trains ;) So I did a PT session on thursday night and I did another this morning.Let me say the session involved: seated rows, step ups, bench press, weighted squats, leg press, wall squat sits, burpees, rower, walking lunges, crunches, cycling hah...I kid you not!

So my PT sessions are now: tuesday, thursday and saturday. So basically I have a session once every 2 to 3 days. My trainer when we discussed it was like....we will do weights in your sessions (altho as you can see from above plenty of cardio as well) and you can do cardio the other days (mostly monday and wednesday to allow for recovery on friday and sunday) When my trainer came to get me for my session today I was on the treadmill, walking on a incline. And she was like...question do you ever jog on this thing. hah. So she wants me to work on the jogging/running thing.

Tonight off out for dinner with Martine.

Have a fab night all!

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