Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19 2014

I have had the migraine from hell of late. Started wednesday night....yesterday I was vomiting from it....its now friday stomach and head are still sore but improving...hopefully tomorrow i will be up and about and back to the gym on sunday (body balance class)

Its strange i got back from my holiday and just got straight back on track (which is a relief). Over my week holiday i gained 8.2 kilos (i kid you not!) back on track 2 days and I am down 4.9 kilos....with luck by this time next week i will be back to where I was before my holidays (104.9 kilos) currently 108.2 kilos.

I spoke to candice on wednesday night and will start doing 2 x 45 minute PT sessions a week in a few weeks time (on tuesday nights and saturday mornings). As i have mentioned too she has written me out programs....come monday i hope i will be well enough to get back into them...its a different way of training to what I have done in the past. Its definitely strength training focused but done as circuits and the idea is to time myself which means they are quite cardio based as well. So not doing fitness classes - except body balance once a week.

I also decided on some goals. Until i get under 91 kilos I just want to focus on my weight loss. Im hoping my the start of 2015 I will be back under 91 kilos. Then I want to start doing some running AND stairclimbing training. My aim is to do 3 x 5kmish runs next year, one 10km run and also do the eureka stair climb in melbourne in november. Stairclimbing and running both help each other. But I dont want to train for either till i am a bit smaller again. I think also I might look outside of SA for some of the runs....get a few weekends away as part of life a bit more!

Foodwise going back calorie cycling (which works best for me) and eating 1500 well!

Next week is my last week of leave :( Wednesday arvo I have a hair appointment...getting a completely different look....thursday morning i THINK i might be climbing mount lofty....thursday arvo/evening a bbq at my managers house....and saturday night out to dinner with i need to get superwell so im all good come monday!

Have a fab weekend all :)

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