Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16 2014

So after deciding to stop posting here and my fb page....I decided against that. I have decided instead it is more beneficial to embrace and build my support network.

So I am back from my holiday YAY. A week of hotel living was not good for the waist line! Eek.

This morning when I woke and checked FB i had a lil bit of a reality check...a friend of mine i went to school with and who is 6 months younger then me had a mini stroke. She is okay but its a huge reminder. I started this weight loss journey all these years ago...not to get into a pair of size 8 jeans but to get healthy...to avoid ending up in a cardiac ward and being dependant on others.

I was suppose to train with candice tonight...but after travelling for most of the day i am just to buggered....but tomorrow morning i will weigh in and its back to my calorie cycling and recommitting to the exercise program candice has written for me.

Tomorrow i want to go shopping too...is. want new bedding...new quilt, quilt cover and sheets. I also wanna get some new running bare clothes.

Hoping tomorrow i can get in for a PT session. Time for action and back to saving my life!

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