Saturday, September 30, 2006

Well I pulled out the tape measure today and measured myself. Last time i measured was 2 weeks ago...and ive lost now:

  • bust : 2 centimetres
  • waist : 6cm
  • Hips : 5 cm
  • thighs : 1cm

So very pleased with that. I think thats pretty awesome within 2 weeks. Altho I must admit i wasnt totally surprised as the last few days I have noticed my clothes are really getting baggy. Nice and quiet at guessing everyone is watching the AFL grand final

And its saturday yay yay the weekend after this shift sooooooooo looking forward to a nice quiet relaxing weekend.

Okies time to wander off =]


Hippygal said...

Hey Kazz are you on MSN... if so add if you want to chat sometime. I am not often on though but would like to catch up at some stage :)

kazz said...

im not on msn jaxx but i am on yahoo which i think the new yahoo i can see msn peeps...will add u when i get home from work...presuming i can work the thing out ! lol

Lesley said...

Kazz you are on the right track, and it really has made a difference. Keep going cos I can see a beautiful person emerging and ina year from now I promise you wont know yourself!!

Well done so far!!