Friday, September 29, 2006

had a bit of a revelation today - i DON'T WANT a relationship at the moment. Okies i dont really have a choice either...but was funny...have chatted a bit to a girl online...shes very nice and whatever and was talking to my friend Jody and told her i gave her the cold shoulder and made it obvious im not interested. And then i said to concerned of getting involved with anyone on any level and losing my focus on my weight loss. And then I told her...besides im more interested in my real for the chick whose had numerous online relationships this is a big thing. Jody then said she noticed I seemed more content then in the past with the fact im single and doing my own thing. Its not that I dont wanna be in a relationship - I do...but for one thing i want it real...preferably someone in Adelaide...but not now once im more into this weight loss journey. I think its important first I totally get my head around this weight loss...and get my social life back and having fun...before I even think in that direction. And I feel good about not thinking I need someone...and it makes me realise how important this weight loss and that it IS different to previous times and i AM here for the long haul! :)

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