Thursday, September 28, 2006

well all is good again today. completing on points have eaten 11.5 points...dinner is 8 points and my snack 3 points & i also had a piece of fudge 1.5 points.....which puts me under for the day by 3 points.

Im wearing one of my new shirts and my team leader just said to me ... even your new shirts are starting to get too big...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yay me !!!!

I talked in yahoo to one of the girls on the ww forum last night and promised i would upload some photos this look out for some pics this weekend !

I feel really good today...i feel as if this week i can have a real solid loss...its only day 3 but i been real good no eating when i get home from work, have had my 2 litres of water first think in the morning. And last time i did this i had a big loss now im not expecting a big loss of 3.2 kilos but am aiming for between 1kilos and 1.5 kilos. Altho i try not to set myself up for disappointment and aim for just 500 grams to 1 kilos.

Not much going on this weekend i may walk around to mums again on sunday. And possibly going out to dinner with the parents sunday night. Okies back to work lalalallalalalalal its a good day!!!!


Hippygal said...

Cool photos can't wait :):)

kazz said...

this weekendddddddddddddddd!!!! i promise!