Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well I did it! I booked the accomodation for the trip to the goldcoast next march. This is where ill be staying so now I have a date 29th March to lose in total 31 ive lost 11.3 kilos now so 19.7 kilos left to lose which I think is completely doable. I have booked to arrive there 29/3/06 and leave to come home 3/4/07 which would be 5 days. Which would be a real nice break without being too long. So now my goal by melbourne day is to lose another 4.6 kilos....and by xmas day to lose 9.6 kilos. so its action jackson !!! But all are do able goals i think (remind me of this if i dont make any of my goals) Theres not really much else to say...ohhh i ate a meat pie today! Now if my sister is reading this she will laff cos i loveeeeeeee meat pies...but it was my first since going on ww and i worked it into my points (ill stillhave 3.5 points spare with eating it) and yanno it was nice but was nothing to rave about. Okies thats all for today...enjoy ur night all =]

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